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I believe our community deserves a transparent government that is committed to equity. I believe in the power of young people and providing them with resources to succeed. I believe in the power of listening to the community and those with lived-experience, who should be at the center of all these discussions. 


I am running for City Council because I love this city and as your city councilor, I am committed to advocating for equitable policies throughout all aspects of our local government.

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Meet Domenica

I am a proud Ecuadorian immigrant, a youth worker, an educator, a researcher, and a public health advocate. I decided to run for City Council because I want to ensure that Worcester continues to prioritize equity. To me, this means focusing on comprehensive policies that promote happy, healthy, and safe lives for everyone in our diverse City.


Currently I serve as the Director for the Office of Community Engagement and Volunteering at Clark University where I support college students and faculty in strengthening their relationships with the Worcester community. Throughout the pandemic, I worked at the Department of Health and Human Services. While I was there, I worked with community partners to bring accessible and frequent mobile Covid-19 testing sites and vaccine clinics to neighborhoods across Worcester. I dedicated my time to supporting coalitions to address crucial issues such as reentry from incarceration, housing, and mental health. In addition to this work, I also coordinated the free health and wellness program, Fitness in the Park, and was a co-creator on youth public health campaign, #PostVaxLife. I have also worked at the Latino Education Institute where I was able to cultivate meaningful relationships with Latine youth from our community. I worked hard to bring them culturally appropriate support and mentorship. 


As an Ecuadorian immigrant, I know first hand of the inequities we experience in our society. I understand how policy can be a part of perpetuating those inequities, or how policy can be a part of the solution. 


We know that comprehensive public health strategies can make an impact through cross-sectoral partnerships in housing and mental health services. We know that our youth need culturally appropriate out-of school-time programming to support them in developing skills and understanding their identities. We know that we need to take care of the whole person, and that means prioritizing universal early education and care, as well as adult learning opportunities. We know our artists and creatives need opportunities and platforms to create and live safely and comfortably while they do so.


We need to particularly uplift our Black, Brown, immigrant and Queer communities so they know they are valued and safe in our City.  I have been on the front lines and this campaign is rooted in equity and access so that we can create a Worcester where everyone is happy, healthy and safe.



Support Community learning opportunities

We need to promote learning opportunities to all members of our communities, including infants, youth, adults and seniors. We need to fund universal early education and care, youth programming and out-of-school time learning, and pathway programming. I have been a youth worker and educator, and I understand the importance of supporting those working on the front lines and the need for high quality accessible programming to our families.

Invest in the existing community by improving infrastructure & supporting arts, and culture

We need to invest in our existing community by improving infrastructure in all neighborhoods in Worcester and prioritizing green and sustainable development while doing so. We also need to amplify Worcester’s arts and culture by celebrating diversity and creating platforms for local artists to live and create in Worcester. As a board member and friend for Worcester’s BIPOC artist collaborative, El Salón, I have witnessed the beauty, resilience and creativity that exists in Worcester. We need to ensure we are prioritizing the community that is here by providing safe spaces and access across opportunities.

Strengthen comprehensive health & well-being strategies. 

As a public health worker who was on the ground during the peak of the Pandemic, I saw first hand the needs of our community. We need to fund comprehensive health and wellbeing strategies as a response to the most pressing needs in our community so that everyone can have access to a happy and healthy life. This includes expanding housing opportunities, health care options, and human services.


Meet Domenica


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